ICTF Subcommissions (see Members for all associated members)

The ICTF has several Subcommissions that collaborate on the organization of workshops, conference symposia, and the development of taxonomic resources for their user communities. There are also affiliated Commissions that share a common vision for the development of cooperative fungal taxonomy, although they are not formally under the ICTF umbrella. In August 2011, dramatic changes in the rules for naming fungi were announced. The international mycological community is mobilizing to develop a single-name system for fungal species, necessitating the need to establish a number of less permanent Working Groups focused on specific groups. The ICTF and the Nomenclatural Committee for Fungi (NCF) are cooperating in coordinating the international response to the rule changes. The Subcommissions, Affiliated Commissions, and Working Groups listed below are where the nomenclatural discussions will occur.

  • International Subcommission for the Taxonomy of Phytopathogenic Fungi
    • Pedro Crous (Co-Chair), Amy Rossman (Co-Chair)
  • International Subcommission on Colletotrichum Taxonomy
    • Lee Cai (Chair), Bevan Weir (Secretary)
  • International Subcommission on Fusarium Taxonomy
    • David Geiser (Chair)
  • International Subcommission on Rust Taxonomy
    • M. Catherine Aime (Chair)
  • International Subcommission on Trichoderma Taxonomy
    • Irina Druzhinina (Chair)

Affiliated IUMS Commissions 

NCF/ICTF Nomenclatural Working Groups

  • Fungi Miscellaneous Working Group
    • Conrad Schoch (Co-Convenor), Tom May (Co-Convenor)
  • Cordyceps Working Group
    • Joey Spatafora (Convenor)
  • Diaporthales Working Group
    • Amy Rossman (Convenor)
  • Dothideomycetes Working Group
    • Pedro Crous (Co-Convenor), Kevin Hyde (Co-Convenor)
  • Erysiphales Working Group
    • Uwe Braun (Convenor)
  • Heterobasidiomycetes Working Group (see also International Subcommission on Rust Taxonomy, above)
    • Dominik Bergerow (Convenor)
  • Homobasidiomycetes Working Group
    • Tom May (Co-Convenor), Scott Redhead (Co-Convenor)
  • Hypocreales Working Group
    • Amy Rossman (Co-Convenor), Priscila Chaverri (Co-Convenor)
  • Leotiomycetes Working Group
    • Peter Johnston (Convenor)
  • Sordariomycetes excluding Diaporthales, Hypocreales, and Magnaporthales Working Group
    • Amy Rossman (Co-Convenor), Andrew Miller (Co-Convenor)
  • Medical Mycology Working Group
    • Sybren de Hoog (Convenor)
  • Oomycetes Working Group [not approved NCF]
    • André Lévesque (Convenor  
  • Orbiliomycetes Working Group
    • Hans-O. Baral (Convenor), XingZhong Liu (Secretary)
  • Pyricularia/Magnaporthe working group
    • Ning Zhang (Convenor)
  •  Yeasts Working group (affiliated with IUMS International Commission on Yeasts)
    • Clete Kurtzman (Co-Chair), Jack Fell (Co-Chair)